Recent News
  Feb 2014: Presented some of my belonging research at SPSP
  Jan 2014: Accepted a tenure-track faculty position at the University of Delaware
  Jan 2014: Attachment paper accepted at Psycho-oncology

Oct 2013: Social support paper accepted at Psychoneuroendocrinology

Oct 2013: Guest speaker at the OSU Group for Attitudes and Persuasion
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Phone: (614) 293-5439
Office: IBMR 131A

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Institute for Behavioral Medicine
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University
460 Medical Center Drive
Columbus, OH 43210
Sept 2013: Presented some of my rejection research at SESP
Aug 2013: Telomere paper accepted at Brain, Behavior, and Immunity


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June 2013: Loneliness paper accepted at Health Psychology