Recent News
  Jan 2015: Loneliness and ghrelin paper accepted at Hormones and Behavior
  Nov 2014: New lab manager started her position in the lab
  Nov 2014: Marital metabolic paper accepted at Psychoneuroendocrinology

Sept 2014: Presented loneliness research at SRP conference

Sept 2014: Yoga and cognitive function paper accepted at Psycho-oncology
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Phone: (302) 831-4810
Office: 105 McKinly Laboratory

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University of Delaware
Dept of Psych and Brain Sciences
108 Wolf Hall
Newark, DE 19716
August 2014: Started faculty position at the University of Delaware
July 2014: Loneliness and omega-3 paper accepted at Psychosomatic Medicine
June 2014: Social stress and ghrelin paper accepted at Psychoneuroendocrinology